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Apple Banana Chestnut Grape Kiwi Fruit
Melon On Pineapple On Strawberry On Strawberry Orange
Pineapple Pineapple Peach Pear Strawberry
Strawberry Very Berry Watermelon Watermelon
Egg Octopus Prawn Salmon W/ Sushi (Bl)
W/ Sushi (Red)
Aloha Asagao Flower (US) Gerbera Rose
Picture Missing
Sunflower Tanpopo Tulip
Aquarius Pisces Aries Taurus Gemini
Cancer Virgo Leo Libra Scorpio
Sagitarius Capricorn
January February March April May
June July August September October
November December
Aquarius (New) Pisces (New) Aries (New) Taurus (New) Gemini (New)
Cancer (New) Leo (New)
Angel (US) As Eeyore (US) As Tigger As Tigger (US) Baby
Baby (US) Candy (Pk) Candy (Pur) Candy (Ylw) Classic
Cloudy Day Furry Happy Birthday Holiday Honey Pot
Ice-Cream Ice-Cream Ice-Cream (HK) Marine On Cake
On Cloud On Honey Pot Pastel (Bl) Pastel (Pk) Pastel (Ylw)
Pink Angel Pajama Rainbow Rainy Day Skiier (US)
Picture Missing
Soccer (US) Surfing Terri-Towelling Val. Angel Val. Angel '03
Picture Missing
Wind-Up Winnie the Pooh

Plush Minis W/ Chocs
Dangles Pt 1  Figures
Dangles Pt 2 Stationery
Buru Burus Beanies I Need

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