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There are many 80s toys other than Strawberry Shortcake, Care Bears and the Smurfs that capture my attention. I like so many different 80s toys, probably because they bring back fond memories. Other toys I like include Snorks, Keypers, Sweet Secrets, She-Ra, Fluppy Dogs, Pound Puppies, Fraggles, Glo-Worms, Rainbow People, Popples, My Little Pony, Poochie, Rainbow Brite and others. My fiancÚ also likes Generation 1 Transformers. I don't collect all of them right now, but maybe one day. I will display a selection of the ones I do have here.

Snorks - Coming Soon
Sweet Secrets - Coming Soon
Fluppy Dogs - Coming Soon
Fraggles - Coming Soon
Rainbow People - Coming Soon

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