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Eeyore is my very favourite Disney character,

and so he is my very favourite character to collect.

I love cute Eeyore things (Disney-style, not Classic).


Eeyore Head


Eeyore Head


You only need to look at Eeyore to see how incredibly cute he is.

This cuteness combined with his gloomy disposition and lack of self

esteem, draws compassion from the audience, and makes him one of

Disney's most lovable characters. He doesn't smile too often, but 

when he does, you know you are witnessing a very special moment.


Eeyore in the Water


Eeyore's Tail

Eeyore and his friends, Winnie the
Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Rabbit, Owl,
Kanga and Roo, were originally
created by A. A. Milne. Disney
later adopted the characters and
added Gopher to the family. They
all reside in The Hundred Acre
Wood, where they are cared for by
Christopher Robin.

Eeyore and His Friends


Eeyore and His Friends

Although the original characters are
timeless classics, and favourites among
many, I prefer the Disney versions.
What can I say? Cuteness draws me in
in every time. And I can't be the only
one with this weakness. Just walk into
a Disney Store and you'll see that
Eeyore and his friends are amongst the
most popular of the Disney characters.
Eeyore and his friends share many
adventures - from saving their homes
from migrating fish, to rescuing
Christopher Robin from Skull, to

celebrating birthdays. Throughout

them all we see the personality of
each character unfolding and
developing into the lovable, 
huggable characters they are.

Eeyore Watches the Sunset


Eeyore's Tail


Eeyore has put together a few links for you.

Please feel free to look around.



Eeyore Celebrates
Eeyore invites you to join him in celebrating
Easter, Christmas, Halloween and his birthday.


Eeyore's Portrait Gallery
Eeyore wants to share his photo album and
memory box with you.


Eeyore's Sound Collection
Eeyore has recorded a few of his favourite
sayings just for you.


Eeyore's Web Support
Eeyore has found some backgrounds and
buttons to help with your own web pages.


My Eeyore Collection
Browse through my extensive range of Eeyore
collectibles. These are NOT for sale.


Beanies I Am Looking For
I collect Eeyore and Winnie the Pooh beanies. These
are the ones I am still looking for.

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