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Hiya everyone! Welcome to one of my homes on the net. My name is

Jen and live with my husband and my parents in the suburbs of Sydney,

Australia. I have a degree in Psychology and a Diploma in Writing

for Kids but I spend my days running an online Collectible Toys

business. :) If you want to check it out, go to:

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I am a HUGE Disney fan. I always loved Disney as a kid, but in

 recent years my interest has really grown (admittedly with some

encouragement from a few friends). I belong to the Down Under

Disneyana Club, the Australian chapter of the NFFC. My interests

have now spread far beyond just Disney. I love so many different

characters who have their origins in animation - everything from

Winnie the Pooh to Rugrats to 80s characters like the Smurfs.

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But animation is not my only obsession in life. A friend once asked

me if I ever stayed in one place. Put quite simply...the answer is no.

I love travelling too much. Australia has always been my home,

but I start suffering withdrawal symptoms after a few months away

from a jumbo jet. Throughout my school years I was lucky to travel

a lot. My parents took me up and down much of the east coast of

Australia, to Tasmania, New Zealand, the Philippines, Hong Kong

Macau, China (but just for a day), Fiji, the US and Canada. While

a uni student, I also visited France, London and Tokyo with my Mum.
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In 1997 I cruised the Pacific with three

close friends, onboard the Fair Princess.

It was a holiday I will never forget. While

the voyage was a complete disaster for

P&O (we missed the first stop due to

'technical difficulties' and had a fire in the

casino), we had the most incredible time.

We saw a lot of New Caledonia (the first

photo is from the Isle of Pines) and Vila in

Vanuatu. The other photo was taken on a 

deserted beach in Vila.


It was awhile before I took another big trip, but I managed to

fill my holidays with short domestic trips to places like Queensland,

until finally in December 1998 / January 1999 I was able to return to

America for an incredible month jammed full of adventure and, of

course, Disney. But there was one thing that made this particular

trip extra special - I shared it with the guy I love.

James and I first met online in January 1997. We

became friends very quickly. But it wasn't until the

13th of July, 1998, one of the best days of my life,

that we made the official transition to couplehood.

 Exactly two years later, when we were celebrating

our anniversary in Singapore, he proposed! And,

of course, I said yes. :) He has brought so much

happiness into my life. I must be the luckiest

girl on earth!

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Our trip to America was a very special

experience for us. We had never spent

so much time together before. It was a

big learning experience for us, but one

we thoroughly enjoyed. Since then we

have taken short trips within Australia.
These include a week on Moreton Island
and a trip west of the Blue Mountains.

Our next big overseas trip was to Singapore.

We spent the first few days on Sentosa

Island just relaxing and enjoying the sun.

Sentosa is where James proposed!

What a day that was! :)


After our stay in Sentosa, we spent a few days in Singapore itself - doing some

shopping and some more shopping and then some more shopping. We did

manage to fit a few other things into our schedule, but we did always seem to be

at the shops.  We were very lucky to meet up with our wonderful friend Julie,

and her family. They were very kind and spent a lot of time showing us around.


Our most recent holiday was a whirlwind trip to Tokyo, Japan. We were in the
city for just a few days and spent most of that either shopping or at Tokyo
Disneyland. We had a wonderful time, but would love to go back and soak in
more of the Japanese culture. We also met up with a few people while we were
there and had a wonderful time with them! Thank you so much! And a special
thanks to David who really made our trip just that much more special!

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What else is there to tell you? Not much really. Most of my time is

spent either working on my business or with James. My other interests

include collecting (as if you couldn't tell), writing, drawing, web design,

surfing the net, listening to music, watching movies, walking by the

water, musicals, penpalling and meeting people from all over the

world, reading, and a whole heap of other boring stuff. :)


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This page was last updated on the 30th of July 2001.