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Just like every child of the 80s, I had Smurfs. I only had a few, but that was enough to get
me hooked now! Luckily for me, I have all my original Smurfs still. I also still have my
house and gate play sets, although they are missing a couple of pieces. I don't buy many
Smurfs now (too many other things to collect), but my collection is growing slowly. Besides,
with the influence of my Smurfy friend in QLD, anything could happen! :) You can monitor
my progress here.


These are my original Smurfs and accessories
from when I was a child. I had seven Smurfs -
Hiker Smurf, Smurf leaning on a Spade, Chef
Smurf, Smurf in the Dark, Smurfette, Smurf
playing a Trumpet and Sunbathing Smurf. As
you can also see I have the mushroom playset,
a green house (missing its front door) and the
gate (missing the lantern). Chef Smurf used to
be my very favourite Smurf.
I got most of my Smurfs during the very early
80s, but when we were in Canada in 1988,
my Dad purchased this Super Smurf for me.
Unfortunately, he has a bit of paint missing
from his nose, but he is still one of my

James wasn't really into Smurfs when he
was young, but he did have one solitary
Smurf - Doctor Smurf. Doctor Smurf has
now been re-united with his friends and
has joined my collection!

I have added quite a few Smurfs to my original
collection. Amongst my favourites are Gardening
Smurf (to the right), my Christmas Smurfs, Cowgirl
Smurfette, Mermaid Smurfette and my Good Luck
Irish Smurf.


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Last Update: 21st March 2002