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Eeyore wanted to help you create your own web pages so has compiled 

a collection of backgrounds and buttons for you. He would like to

acknowledge the creators of these graphics wherever possible, so if

you are the creator, or you know who is, please let him know.


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Quite a few of these graphics came from Disney on Display. Please

visit them to see the wide range of backgrounds and buttons available.


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1. Group Pencil Drawing (Large)
2. Group Pencil Drawing (Small)
3. Group Rings
4. Group Pictures
5. Group Raining
6. Winnie and Eeyore - Honey
7. Winnie and Eeyore - Sitting
8. Eeyore Sitting (Transparent)
9. Eeyore Sitting (Blue)
10. Eeyore Gloomy
11. Eeyore Smiling
12. Eeyore and a Bee
13. Eeyore and Owl

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1. Eeyore Smiling (Blue)
2. Eeyore Smiling (Pink)
3. Eeyore and Winnie

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