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What animals do you think Disney should

have combined to create the Wuzzles?


Maybe you think Disney should have created

Dalquin, the cross between a dalmatian and a penguin.

Or perhaps you were thinking more along the lines of

Kither, the combination of a kiwi and a panther.


If you have any ideas for a Wuzzle, please email

them to me and I will list your name, idea, and if you

want, your web address on this page. If you want to

send me a drawing of your idea, I will very happily

include it here too, and send you a personalised

web certificate as a thank you for and recognition

of your efforts. Every now and then I will also

choose a very special Wuzzle for a special award.


This page is a brand new feature so it may take awhile

for people to start submitting their please be

patient, and please start creating your Wuzzles! :)


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