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Rhinokey is part rhinocerous, part
monkey. He is the local taxi driver,
but I'm not sure I would trust his
driving. He doesn't exactly have
the best driving reputation.
Above all though, Rhinokey is the local
clown. He loves playing practical jokes,
ranging from exploding door bells to
itching powder to water squirters. In
fact, he loves playing jokes so much
that when Eleroo was granted three
wishes, Rhinokey tried to convince him
to use one for the biggest bag of jokes.

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Rhinokey lives in a treehouse,
complete a banana peel roof
and tire swing. Inside he has a
whole cupboard full of practical
jokes. If you ever plan to visit
him, be careful...You never
know which ones he will have
lying around.

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Rhinokey has collected many

pictures of himself for you.
Please be patient while this
page loads. He hopes you will
think it is worth the wait.

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