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Hoppopotamus, or Hoppo for short, is part
rabbit, part hippopotamus. She is the biggest
of the Wuzzles, and very sensitive about her
weight. She can turn almost anything into a
comment about being fat, so be careful what
you say around her.
Hoppo loves to act, sing and dance and
dreams of becoming a great star . She
believes she is immensely talented,
although I'm not sure the other Wuzzles
would agree. In fact, they'll do anything
to get out of listening to her sing.

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She is always trying to prove she is better
than the others and is always trying to get
compliments them. Unfortunately for her,
instead of receiving the praise she thinks
she deserves, she usually falls prey to one
of Rhinokey's jokes. She's a very strong
minded Wuzzle, but also a good friend.

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