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Eleroo is part elephant, part kangaroo. He is a
very slow and clumsy Wuzzle, always tripping
over and falling on top of other Wuzzles.  He also
gets very nervous and lacks self confidence.
He is well known for his incredible pouch
in which he stores everything you could
possibly imagine - from telephonographs to
pianoharps. So, if you are looking for
something, he is the Wuzzle to go to. But,
things often get lost in that pouch of his,
so you might have to be a little patient.

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Eleroo often wishes he could fly, as he
thinks it would make him less clumsy.
His wings are just too small and not
strong enough for him to fly though. In
one episode, 'Eleroo's Wishday,' he
finally gets his wish, but we all know
the saying 'Be careful what you wish just might get it.'
Eleroo has been searching his pouch for pictures to
to share with you. Unfortunately, he hasn't found all
that many, but he hopes you'll enjoy these ones.

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