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Bumblelion is part lion, part bumble bee. He is

the leader and the most courageous of all the

Wuzzles (he is part lion afterall). He has a lot

of self confidence and is never afraid to stand

up for himself and his friends. He is also very

athletic, and loves almost every sport. One of

his wishes is to own a sporty motor bike.

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Bumblelion's home reflects his great

interest in sports. He lives in a beehive,

decorated with a sports theme and

surrounded by an Olympic style track,

on which he can train. Goal posts (or an

extremely high chin-up bar) and podium

can also be found outside his front door.


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Bumblelion appears in all episodes of

The Wuzzles and is one of the most well

loved of all the characters. Being the

good sport his is, he has collected the

following pictures of himself for you.

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