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Tuesday was probably the best day on our trip (although every day was wonderful). We had been looking forward to it for ages - our trip to Mt. Fuji. We had wanted to go in April, but just didn't have the time. We were determined to fit it in this time, and it was simply wonderful!


We were very lucky with the weather. The day before had been cloudy and the day after it poured. But, it was warm and clear the day we had decided to go. We drove through some beautiful countryside to a viewing station. From there, we were able to take photos of the peak. As you can see, there were some beautiful autumn colours about too.




After a short stop at the viewing station, we began to make our way up to Level 5, the highest area reachable by road. As we drove up we could see more and more signs that Mt. Fuji was indeed a volcano. Huge boulders could be seen by the road. The ground below Level 5 was very fertile and covered in vegetation. But as you looked up to the summit, there was no vegetation - just grey and black rocks and pebbles. The view from Level 5 was stunning. We stood above the clouds looking down at the surrounding Japanese Alps.



Level 5 has definitely been designed with tourists in mind. As you get off the bus, you get a coupon to take into a store to exchange for a lucky bell. Conveniently, you have to go all the way through to the store to the back to make the exchange and of course, get distracted on the way. There are several stores there selling mainly cakes and biscuits and of course, souvenirs. Located nearby is a Shinto Shrine where people come to celebrate the opening of the mountain each spring. As you can tell, we took lots of photos at Mt Fuji. It was too beautiful not too!