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Eeyore's gloomy mood is often
accompanied by rain clouds. Perhaps
they are attracted by his sadness, or
maybe it's his fascination with them.
There are many stories in which he
sits staring at them and in one story,
a balloon is tied around him, so he
is able to walk amongst them.


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Luckily, when it rains, Christopher Robin is often there to help.


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He doesn't have much luck

with the river either, having

fallen in (or been bounced in

by Tigger) many times and

needing help to get out.


But, true to his negativity, he doesn't expect anyone to bother to

help him, and resigns himself to the idea of being wet for awhile.


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Even when collecting honey from the

tree, Eeyore finds himself out of luck 

and falls to the ground, only to land

on top of his friend, Winnie the Pooh.

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Poor Eeyore really finds himself in
the most difficult of positions
sometimes...even stuck in suitcases!

But, the one thing Eeyore has the
biggest problem with is his tail. He
is ALWAYS losing his tail. Luckily
for him, he will always have friends
around to help him find it again.

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