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Bulls Of A Feather
The Wuzzles find a strange egg. Croc hears the
egg is that of a Brahma Bullfinch, a bird known
for its valuable tail feathers, and naturally 
wants it for himself. The Wuzzles have to stop 
him and return the egg to its mother. This
episode was released to cinema.

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Hooray For Hollywuz
Hoppo heads to Hollywuz for her great debut. She writes to her
friends of her great success, but when they come to visit, they
find she is a big flop. In this episode, Hoppo learns a valuable
lesson in the importance of friendship.


In The Money
When Bumblelion's wish for money
comes true, it means big trouble for
Rhinokey. This is another Wuzzles
episode which stresses the
importance of friendship.

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Croc Around The Clock
It's tropical fruit storm season and Croc finds
himself with no roof and no food. He convinces
Butterbear he's sick and in need of her
hospitality, warm bed and fridge. But when she
discovers the truth...he's in for a surprise!


Moosel's Monster
Moosel's exaggerations and wild imagination gets him into a lot of
trouble with his friends. So much so that when a monster with a bad
toothache starts to follow him around, he dismisses it as another
figment of his imagination.


Klutz On The Crutch
The Wuzzles are counting on Rhinokey to win
back Eleroo's trophy in the Wuzzle Rally. But,
having being caught for reckless driving and
almost killing Bumblelion (thanks to Croc), he
has vowed never to drive again.

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Bumblelion And The Terrified Forest
Butterbear is captured by Transylvia, and it is up to Bumblelion 
and Hoppo to save her. But when they arrive, Bumblelion is sent
to retrieve some butter berries to cure Transylvia's pet gorantula.
He finally returns, to find Hoppo now needs rescuing too.



Eleroo's Wishday
Wish Day is when the Wuzzles go to the
wishing well to see who will be granted three
wishes. This is Eleroo's lucky year. He wishes 
to fly. But when he scares away the birds and
upsets his friends, he's not sure he really
wanted to fly afterall.


A tornado of humbugs force the Wuzzles out of their homes.
They camp out in the the ghost town, Wuzzle Gulch, where
some ghosts inform them that Croc is there digging for gold.
It's then up to the Wuzzles to scare him off for good.



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A Pest Of A Pet
The Wuzzles give Rhinokey a mockingbird-dog
to teach him a lesson. But the joke goes too far
and he runs away. The Wuzzles need to find
him as he is the only one who can save them
from all the mockingbird-dogs that got loose
and are now reeking havoc.


The Main Course
The Wuzzles are going on holidays. But, they
are soon captured by pirats and Hoppo is
almost sacrificed by the pigmice. The Wuzzles
have to convince an angry miner that the
pigmice are dropping rubbish down his mine so
that they may escape and get back home.

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Class Dismissed
The distinguished Mrs Pedigree asks Butterbear to help prepare
a guest list for her big social event. Butterbear has second
thoughts about inviting her friends, and instead accepts Croc's
challenge to turn Brat into a gentleman and her date for the
evening. Butterbear certainly has her work cut out for her.


What's Up, Stox?
The Wuzzles can't afford the costumes they want to wear to the
annual Funtime Fall Festival, so Tycoon gives them a money tree
seed. But, noone can wait their turn, and soon the tree is stripped
bare. Meanwhile, Croc steals Tycoon's tree, and somehow they
have to get it back.


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