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Butterbear is part butterfly, part bear. She is
the kindest and most caring of the Wuzzles.
She is usually the one concerned about other
Wuzzles's feelings and not taking practical
jokes too far, but when Croc deceives her
and tricks her into taking care of him, she 
comes up with a lot of practical jokes to
teach him a lesson.

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She lives in a cute little round house with
butterfly decor. She keeps the inside very
neat and tidy and organised. Her basement
is always stocked full of tinned fruit, which
she uses in her recipes. She can always
be counted on to be well prepared.
Butterbear loves nature and spends a lot of time
in her garden. She is often seen flying just above
her plants with a watering can in her hand. She
can make anything grow - from cherry apples to
cement. She also loves to cook and bake all
sorts of treats for her friends. Being so well
prepared, she keeps her jars ready for tropical
fruit storms so she can collect and preserve the
fruit and fruit juice that falls for her recipees.

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Below she has collected some pictures of herself for
you. She hopes you enjoy looking through them.

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